How Intelligent Are the Rats?

While Lawrenceville rats may scare the hell out of you due to their bad reputation, you will be surprised to know that they are extremely intelligent. They have a natural curious nature that allows them to learn new things. They are also known for the incredible memory and their capacity to acquire things quickly. They can comprehend complex matters and once they learn a new skill, it is highly unlikely that they will forget it.

An Overview on the Intelligence of the Rat
You will be able to appreciate the rat more by understanding just how intelligent they are. If they are being provided with mental stimulation activities, they will continuously advance their intelligence. Rats are more than just a nuisance creature that can cause destruction in your attic.

They Are Social Creatures
The rats are social creatures. They will be producing sounds that are beyond the hearing capacity of human to communicate with their fellow rats. If you have a pet rat, it is recommended to have a pair sot hey can socialize with each other. They can easily become attached to their fellow rats and they can recognize the member of their family. The Lawrenceville rats have also shown the capability to return affection.

Rats are playful and gentle creatures. Just like your domesticated dog, the rat can learn new tricks. If you have a pet rat, they will respond when you mention their name. The pet rat will be able to learn the tricks that dogs can, such as fetch, sit, and walking on tight rope. They will even come to you when you called their name. They can also be taught on how to run through an intricate maze and solve complex puzzles. Training them is relatively easy and they will respond positively to food-based reward.

The Design of the Brain
While it is no longer shocking that the brain of the rat is smaller compared to Georgia humans, you will be surprised to know that it shares the same structure. The function is also similar with the human brain. Some people though that the rats are blind. Nonetheless, a study in Harvard proved that their processing and vision capability is so advanced that it allows them to identify 3D-objects even if there’s a change in orientation and size.

The behavior of the rat will give you a glimpse on their level of intelligence. For instance, their capacity to communicate in different forms shows their ability to relay complex messages. They are also capable of showing parental care. They can use crafty methods to avoid the attack of the predators. They will also show aggressive behavior towards a rat that is not part of the colony.

With their intelligence, rats are being used as test subjects on various laboratories. According to the researchers who are utilizing a lab rat, they have shown outstanding skills when it comes to decision making. Once they find out a great pattern, it is highly possible that they will stick with it.

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