Can Snakes Crawl Up to Your Toilet Pipes?

Snakes will belong in the list of animals that most humans are afraid of. Imagine how scary it will be once a snake appear in your toilet bowl. In case this situation is one of your worst nightmares, you need to breathe and stay calm. While it is possible for them to use our toilet pipes and appear in our toilet, situations such as this are very rare.

How Can Lawrenceville Snakes Enter Our Toilet and Plumbing?
There’s probably about 10in of water that separates the sewers and our toilet. several species of Georgia snakes will be more than capable to slither through this. The possibilities that we will list below will help you understand how rare this situation is. You may also use this to prevent encountering such situation in the future.

Navigating Through the Vent Stack
In case you think that your sewer is a secured and a completely closed system, you might want to think again. Analyzing your roofing system will help you understand the vulnerabilities of this structure. A direct path can be found on the entrance of the vent stack that leads to your main sewer. The vent will usually be curved while connected to soil stack. It will not be impossible for the snake to reach your vent and access the vent curves. While this scenario may be unlikely, it is still possible.

Using the Sewer Pipes
In case you are unfortunate in encountering the snake in your toilet bowl, it is possible that it came from your sewer pipes. Look at your septic tank and analyze if there is a loose cover. There can also be a damage or gap in your sewer line that the snake can use as an access point. While it may appear impossible for the snake to slither through the vertical pipe of our bathroom located in the higher areas of our house, they can still emerge on the bathroom at the lower floor. This may sound like a scene from a horror movie, but there are reports that it happened in the past.

It May Not Be Poisonous
The possibility of a snake ending in your toilet is low, the probability that this is a poisonous snake is significantly lower. In case they appear in your toilet bowl, you should remain calm and close the lid before exiting the toilet. While the chance that this is a poisonous snake is close to impossible, you should still ask the professionals to examine it. Poisonous snakes have triangular head, large jaws, and thick body that will make it difficult to move in our pipelines.

You should not wait before the snake appear in your toilet. You must look for an effective way to snake proof your sewer system. Install a screen on the vent opening on your roof. Be sure to clean this regularly or it may cause problems in the long run. Your septic tank should also have a secured lid. We advise you to pay attention to the toilet before using it. Snakes are not the only creature that can end up here, there can also be rats, lizards, frogs, and spiders.

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